Sleeping Beauty

The 2014 Princeton Ballet School ballet recital was Sleeping Beauty and I had a chance to spend a few moments photographing the girls before their presentation.

After taking a break from ballet for a year and missing last year’s production of Swan Lake, I was back this year with my youngest. Instead of the usual class recital you get at most dance schools, here even the littlest students participate in a full ballet production. The sets, costumes and choreography are always beautifully crafted, and our little ballerinas have the privilege of dancing at the New Jersey Patriots Theatre at the War Memorial with all its velvet upholstery and gold carvings glory. I wish I could show you what it looks like inside, it is truly something from a different era, but hopefully you can get an idea of how spectacular this building is from the outside. It makes for a fantastic photography background.

The show was as beautiful as promised (the most beautiful of the three I have seen), and all the girls looked great on stage.  The bonus was getting to see our old ballet carpool and catch up with the new friends too.

Sleeping Beauty girl photography at the Patriots Theater in New Jersey

Sleeping Beauty Kids Child Friends Siblings Portrait Photography in the Princeton New Jersey area.

Sleeping Beauty Kids and family photography portrait photo shoot before Princeton Ballet School recital at the Trenton War Memorial in Central New Jersey.

Lifestyle Child Photography in Princeton New Jersey at the Patriots Theatre at the Trenton War Memorial for Sleeping Beauty

Birthday Photobooth

This weekend I finally had the chance to setup a birthday photobooth. I had been toying with the idea for a while, but when one of my daughters oldest friends turned 10 this month, I found the perfect opportunity.
Isabel1 copy

If I am to be honest, my first photobooth was not without its challenges and there were definitely lessons learned, but it was also a great time. A few yards of fabric, some silly props from Oriental Trading and a dozen forth graders was all it took to create a little photography fun. I had a blast and couldn’t be happier with the results.
Birthday Party Photobooth Photography

Before I left, I made sure to get a picture of the whole family together, tiaras, sequins, feathers and all!
Isabel3 copy

Even I got caught up in all the fun and hopped in front of the camera. If you know me at all, that is saying something for sure!

Kate H - Great photobooth shots! I’m curious to know – did you use one light or two? Softbox or umbrella ? Based on the shadows it looks like one light above the camera, but I just wanted to know for sure!
Thanks! Kate H.

Anita - Hi Kate, I just bounced the speedlite off the wall behind me.

Of Pig and Family {Lifestyle Family Photography}

I think there’s very little I need to add to the story told by the pictures bellow, so I’ll just say that this has become a favorite tradition. With a family that has long surpassed 80, the mix is never the same, but this year brought 33 loved ones together for a much-anticipated event that has marked our holidays for several years now. With a little bit of spectacle courtesy of our main course, a beautiful location, and the opportunity to connect with family and friends, this special day is one we hope we can continue to enjoy and share with loved ones for years to come. Happy 2014!

Of Pig and Family Lifestyle Photographer

Corinne - Anita, these are amazing!! You really excel at lifestyle photography. Spending the holidays with you there has just been entered onto my bucket list! It looks wonderful. <3

Location Shooting {Hopewell Family Photographer}

Location photography can be really cool, but you need the right location. Earlier this year, I discovered this particular spot quite by accident, when we went to a birthday party at Art Sparks in Hopewell, NJ. Hidden behind Main Street is Railroad Place and the old Hopewell passenger train station. When a client called to book a session for her two boys, I knew this gem of a spot would be the perfect backdrop for their family photo shoot. On a late summer afternoon, after much rescheduling and having to dodge the raindrops, we had a super fun session. It’s hard to believe that all these images were taken in one single location.

Hopewell Location Photographer

Superheroes {West Windsor Family Photographer}

It’s so nice when a family welcomes you into their home to photograph them just as they are.  Like all little boys, these two adorable brothers love superheroes and it didn’t take long for them to show me their special powers. Mom and dad were up for all the fun and even allowed lots of jumping on the master bed!